Call for abstracts

La Red Iberoamericana Leibniz announces the fourth Leibniz Iberoamerican Congress: “G. W. Leibniz: Reason, Truth and Dialogue” (July, 1 – 3, 2021. Online congress).

CONVENER: Red Iberoamericana Leibniz (

ORGANIZERS: UNAM-IIF, ITAM, Universidad Panamericana, UPAEP (Puebla, México), FES ACATLAN (UNAM), Cátedra Leibniz UGR.

ONLINE CONGRESS: Livestreamed through ZOOM videoconference software (

DATE: July 1 – 3, 2021.


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: (no more than 300 words).


LANGUAGES ALLOWED: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and German.

The intellectual life and work of G.W. Leibniz can be considered as a paradigm of the construction of knowledge through dialogue: his work was not only nourished by an incomparable personal exchange of ideas with his contemporaries, but also by a true dialogue between different disciplines, countries, cultures and the philosophical and scientific tradition that preceded him. Leibniz always maintained a dialogic and open attitude in his profession as a philosopher, mathematician, politician and historian, and he also prompted the creation of scientific academies that provided the conditions for this dialogue to be extended throughout time and space.

In times of post-truth, of crisis of modern reason, of obtuse ideologies, of the overwhelming noise of social media, it is imperative to strengthen the dialogic nature of reason. Leibniz made an important contribution to the search for a dialogic, open, conciliatory, tolerant and integrating reason. In this way, it takes part of a tradition of thought that extends to the present day, a thought that places dialogue at the service of reason and reason at the service of dialogue.

The Leibnizian international community is invited to reflect on the dialogic nature of Leibnizian thought in any of the areas covered by his extensive work.